Memories are made of this…

I spend a lot of time on computers. Far too much time. Recently my wife took our girls away for a weekend of female bonding. While they were climbing the lower parts of a mountain in Wales I was at home climbing a mountain in Skyrim. Thankfully only my adventure ended in a fight to the death with a dragon. So, as I said, I spend a lot of time on computers. 

It’s been this way for a long, long time, and I can trace the roots of this addiction back to a small black piece of plastic adorned with a rubber keyboard and go-faster coloured stripes. 

One of these…


The ZX Spectrum was my first computer. This little box of magic was a significant tributary to the source of my fascination with technology, games, and rubber. Oh wait, forget that last bit….honestly. 

As I fast approach my 40th birthday I find it somewhat fitting that my old friend and waster of many hours has just passed his 30th. So congratulations Mr Spectrum. Your finest hours may be behind you, but your influence still continues. May we all fare so well…

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