Finally, a Star Trek in 3D that you should care about.

The internet has many things that cause the heart to race and wallets to cower. This is why the mantra ‘don’t shop drunk online’ has such power. But today I saw something that trumped all that had gone before. It was a chance not just to be living with the future, but actually travel to it…admittedly in a plastic shell.

Cubify is a company that specialises in 3D printing, a technology that is the current flavour of the month on many blogs. While many others are offering the chance to design your own phone case (something Cubify do too) the real jewel in the crown that stands this site apart from others is the new offer of having your face printed onto the body of a 3 inch Star Fleet officer. Yes, you can now boldy go and explore the final frontier, just so long as you don’t get too near the radiators.



The idea is quite simple. Take two pictures of your face – front and profile – then upload to the site. You can even select the body type you wish to occupy your new Trek uniform, but to be honest who’s really going to opt for a tubby replica of yourself when you can be the svelte hero that strikes fear into the hearts of Gorns and Tribbles across the galaxy?

A few intrepid explorers have already beamed their visage to the planet surface of Cubify and sent back interesting reports from their Tricorders.

Tech journalist Veronica Belmont posted the following image of her new avatar on her Google + page this week.

Veronica Belmont Star TrekWhile the chaps over at Engadget also transported themselves into the service with these two effigies.

Endgadget Star trek

So what does it cost to don the Redshirt of inevitable sacrifice? Well it’s a princely $69, plus postage, and at the moment we’re unsure if they ship to the UK. It’s not cheap, but then how often can you have yourself idolised in a porous material that should be kept dry at all times?

Oh and if Star Trek isn’t quite your thing Cubify also offer a variety of other figures which include superheroes, sports stars, and various professions. I don’t know about you, but I know what I’m asking Santa for this Christmas…

What would your figure wear if you could choose anything? Let me know in the comments below. 

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