PC Advisor Articles

As a regular contributor to PC Advisor I’ve built up quite a collection of work over the past few years. Here is a small selection of these articles.

Best Internet browser for Windows

The best Chromebooks available to buy (2015)

How will we use computers in the future: Voice, gesture, and even mind control

A guide to parental controls for computers and mobile devices

13 Best cloud storage services

Keep the Internet open: Why Net Neutrality is so important

Fitness Tech: How your devices can keep you fit

What is Hacktivism?



2 thoughts on “PC Advisor Articles”

  1. In a search to find help with my Windows 10 Start Menu not working you posted a Administrator Command Prompt to run that would fix it. I copied and pasted the command from your article and got the following; ” ‘Get-AppXpackage’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable or batch file”
    Also, Microsoft Edge won’t run. Normally I could give a rats ass about Microsoft anything but unfortunately there are some websites (Government VA site) that only works with Edge of Explorer.

    Thanks for your help.


  2. I just tried creating a new user account. It looks like because Microsoft Edge has failed I can’t do that either. For the most part I haven’t had any other issues with Win10. Adobe CC and Avid Media Composer seem to work just fine…for now. BTW, both the Start Menu and Edge did work when I upgraded about a month ago. Just noticed these issues the last couple days.

    Any suggestions other than buy a Mac?


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