And so it begins…

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time.

Technology is a bit of a thing of mine. As I look around my home there’s barely a few feet between gadgets, appliances, or some other techno-marvel designed to improve my life and serve its various needs. My television is a gateway to the internet, my mobile phone acts now as a personal assistant, email recipient, and podcast player, while my iPad is a pile of books, magazines, and games packed into something small enough to lose under a newspaper. Technology has become a prevailing part of modern life, as you know by reading this blog that was written in a coffee shop using free wifi and a free software platform from WordPress that then reached you through, I’m guessing, a similar route.

But is this technotopia all that it’s cracked up to be? You see for all the marvellous advantages I now experience thanks to the likes of Apple, HTC, Samsung, Google, Amazon, and a host of others, living with the future can have its frustrations and disappointments.

So, here’s the reason for the blog then. I’m no computer expert. I can’t code, I get lost around acronyms like TCP/IP, AMOLED, and SCSI, plus I’m not exactly rolling in money by western standards and have to pick my devices with great care – Just like most people who actually use technology on a daily basis. In light of this I figured that we needed a voice. A place to talk about our victories and injuries, somewhere it’s safe to ask stupid questions and find that most other people are wondering the same thing.

Hence ‘Living in the Future’. It shall be a canary in the digital cage, trying new things and pondering the use of stuff that’s been around for a while so that we can carry on our adventures together in safety and, hopefully, a little less confusion.

If you fancy the journey then please come along, lend your voice, and increase the wisdom of us all. Send reviews of things you actually own and have to rely on. Tell us your worries or hopes for the digital age, and share links to helpful articles or tips that you find along the way.

I shall be writing about the things I see and tech that I encounter. Let’s have some fun in the digital playground, and maybe together we can make the future a little less frightening…