Hacktivism – The Movie

In various posts across this site I’ve covered the subject of hacktivists, computer users who employ their technical skill to fight for causes. I find their world a fascinating one for several reasons: they are willing to stand up and defy those that they see as wrong, the way computers and the internet in particular are shaping the future of protest, and (most honestly) that they embody a spirit of rebellion that I wish I had still burning in my slowly increasing belly. Of course I don’t always agree with the fights they pick, or even the methods that they employ, but I’m thankful that there are still those who believe that individuals can make a difference on a global scale.

So rather than blather on about their exploits I thought I’d introduce you to this splendid documentary that I came across earlier this year – We Are Legion: The Story of Hacktivists by Brian Knappenberger.

Over the course of an hour and a half it covers the rise of groups like Anonymous and Lulzsec, with plenty of interviews from members and those that study and write about them. It really is an excellent account of a movement that is a significant force in the ever increasing online world in which we live. Enjoy.