Comedian launches a Kickstarter project with a difference.

By now most of us have seen the strange glory that is Kickstarter. Initially started back in 2009 to help impoverished creative types generate crowd-sourced money to fund their project, the site has now grown into something of a phenomena. The high profile success of projects such as the Pebble Watch, Ouya game system, and even the possible upcoming Veronica Mars movie, has caught the media’s attention and paved the way for a spectacular new project launched by comedian Jon Lajoie this week.

The idea is maddeningly simple. He wants to raise $500,000,000 so that he can be super rich. Boom, there it is. So elegant, so uncomplicated, so beautiful – it’s like the anti-Avril Lavigne.

‘Please help me accomplish my dream of becoming super-rich, without having to compromise my sense of entitlement’ Lajoie bravely opines in the video that accompanies his campaign.

‘By you simply handing over your hard earned money to me, I could become super rich without all the added pressure of actually doing something’ reasoned the comic with¬†impeccable¬†logic.

With so many great causes in the world that can tear at your heartstrings and leave you with a sense of overwhelming helplessness due to enormous needs that torture humanity, at least here you know you can make a difference…