Review: iPearl Chromebook Cover

Regular readers will know that I’m something of a Chromebook fan.

For the past year I’ve sported the Samsung 2013 Chromebook as my main laptop and I’ve been very happy with the little device. In fact I now have to fight for it as both my wife and daughters have also taken a shine to lightweight machine. All this use has meant that the poor thing has picked up a few bruises along the way, so I was very interested when I spotted the new hard-covers that iPearl were releasing especially for Chromebooks. iPearl, as the name might suggest, has previously specialised in similar accessories for Apple laptops, alongside a few PC variants. Now the Chromebook gets to wear some fancy new clothes. Nice.

iPearl Chromebook cover 1The design is a simple one. Two plastic section that clip onto the top and bottom of the Chromebook chassis. The plastic material is hard, matte, and reasonably transparent, meaning you can still bare your Chrome badge with pride. Once fitted the cover stays on nicely, doesn’t creak too much, and looks like it will protect the device from scratches and maybe even a short drop, but only maybe. A few edges stick out a little, making this not the most elegant of solutions. In general though the iPearl case is a cool way to brighten up your Chromebook, save the casing from crazy toddlers wielding marker pens, and is the perfect surface for covering in stickers. Cool.

iPearl Chromebook Cover 4iPearl Chromebook Cover 3iPearl Chromebook Cover 2

If you like the look of this orange example, or want to see the wide range of other colours available, then visit the Amazon store – here for the US or here for the UK. They cost around £20 and I for one think they’re a fun way to protect your machine.