I Saw That Years Ago Podcast: Ep 22 – Time Bandits

This week our histograviewers tumble through time and space following the adventures of the… Time Bandits

Time Bandits - The Supreme Being

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New Podcast Show

While Living with the Future is obviously fond of looking forward, it’s a well known wisdom that we need to learn from the past. In this vein, but mainly because I wanted to have some fun with an old friend of mine, I’m proud to announce a new podcast show I’m co-producing that reviews films that first hit the screens a long time ago.

The idea is to see whether those old movies that we’re sure are underrated classics, really are as good as our memories tell us.

The show is called I Saw That Years Ago, and will be a weekly release clocking in at around the twenty minute mark. So if you fancy a wander down dodgy memory lane, and a few laughs along the way, then please add us to your podcast playlist, drop a review on iTunes, or pop along to our (rather basic at the moment) website – http://www.isawthatyearsago.com

To whet your appetite for fine aural pleasure here’s the first episode. Enjoy.

I Saw That Years Ago (Pilot Episode) – Altered States